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Andrea 7th Mar 2016 Lifestyle assistant
Is anyone able to share their gentle exercise routines? I have been using the same one (written by a physio) for awhile but am keen to get some other ideas to provide a bit of variety.
Talita 8th Mar 2016
Hi Andrea,

There are some comments from members at the bottom of this article that you might find useful:

How to plan and implement an exercise program
Amelia 14th Mar 2016 RAO
Hi Amelia, I do a gentle exercise class daily and like to change it up. A couple of days a week we use hand weights and once a week we do a stretching class using therabands. I googled seniors exercises and got a whole variety from the web. My residents love it and it has made a big difference to their strength and mind set. Hope this helps, Lorena
Amelia 14th Mar 2016 RAO
Sorry Andrea, I wrote the wrong name above, hope my ideas help! Lorena
ps I bought my therabands from our local chemist at around $4.00 per metre but they are available from Big W too.
Dene 15th Mar 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Andrea, We are an aged care hospital and the abilities of our residents are very limited. For our exercise programme we use an Octaband, which is made from lycra, multi coloured, has either eight or sixteen arms and is mainly for the upper body exercise. We incorporate leg movements for those that can. We purchased ours from America but if you Google Octaband you can find out where to obtain one. Our residents really enjoy their exercise programme using the Octaband. Hope this is helpful.

jane 28th Mar 2016 activity provider
Hi Andrea,
I use a CD - Chair Exercise for senior adults. It has quite a good selection of music from
Tea for Two, to September in the Rain. I use 'Activities to Share' Co. you can order
from . They also do singalongs with printed book of
lyrics. Very useful as they can be printed off and everyone has a copy. (Large print).
Hope this maybe of helpfully.


Sunhaven 22nd Sep 2021
We do chair yoga and I find my clips on You Tube. We mainly use Sherry Zac Morris. She is amazing. Unfortunately you have to put up with the adds unless you sub scribe to You Tube.
Bettie 28th Sep 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hello @Sunhaven, using Google Chrome you can install an ad blocker to block ads on Youtube.
Susan 29th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hi Bettie
Thank you for this information
Kim 30th Sep 2021 Activities Director
I recently got "Chair Exercises Bingo" from S & S Worldwide. Residents do the exercise or stretching on the card you read, then they cover that exercise if it's on their card. My residents like this.
Susan 30th Sep 2021 Activity Director
Hey Kim
Thank you for the information
Gwyneth 3rd Oct 2021 Volunteer
Hello Andrea, I send quite a lot of exercise activities and singalongs in, I play the piano for most these, but you can do the exercises without music they are simple to do, you can find them on under the title Exercise Activity ideas for Seniors and the Elderly. All the best Gwyneth
Belinda 21st Oct 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
Silver Sneakers CD's have some great beat music for seniors exercise class. I +ask the physio for some exercises, google some and then incorporate some chair dancing and weights to change it up. I also ask each Resident at the end of the class to give us an exercise to do to finish off.
Susan 21st Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hey Belinda
Thank you for the suggestion
Karen 26th Oct 2021
I use a trainer from our Local YMCA. He comes twice a week and does a seated exercise class that he tailors to the individuals needs. It's highly popular amongst our residents. The class is nearly always filled to capacity. We are an independent and assisted living facility. I've had 100 years olds taking this class.
Susan 26th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Wow Karen
Great to know
Does the trainer volunteer or do you pay him
Does sound like a great program that works for you
Thanks for sharing
Kerry 26th Oct 2021 Lifestyle Advisor
I have implemented seated dance yoga. I access Youtube - sherry's seated dance yoga. The residents loved it.
Susan 26th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kerry
Thank you for the suggestion
Karen 27th Oct 2021
I pay the YMCA, but it's a very reasonable fee paid monthly.
I also recently hired a chair yoga instructor, she was slated to start in March of 2020, but obviously with Covid that never happened. She will now be starting in November once per week, again I pay her, but also very reasonable.

Our exercise program is very well received and most classes are usually full.
Susan 29th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi Karen
Thank you for the information
Gigi 4th Nov 2021 Director of Recreation Therapy
I use scarves for flowing movements, amazon $10.00 for 12 pack and play classical piano on amazon music on my phone and sound bar.
Susan 4th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Hi GIgi
Thank you for this information
I have used scarves with much success

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