Start a crochet and knitting club for the enjoyment of all! 
A wonderful social activity for the elderly in assisted living facilities.
This is one of many free activities.
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A knitting club is a wonderful way to enjoy a lifelong hobby and make new friends. You may be surprised by how many residents get involved!

Making it Work

Flexible Schedule: Meet weekly or fortnightly based on resident feedback.

Inclusivity: Even those who cannot knit anymore should be invited - they can mentor others. 

Warm Welcome: New residents are invited to join for company and conversation.

Resource Sharing: Ask for wool donations from family and staff.

Themed Fun: Enjoy creative projects for special events, seasons, or charities.

Tea Time: Savor afternoon tea while reminiscing and bonding.


  • Promoting fine motor skills
  • Social opportunity
  • Conversation & Reminiscing
  • Improve mood and well-being

Project Ideas

  • Knitted squares sewn together to make blankets for animal shelters
  • Beanies / knitted hats for newborn babies
  • Scarves for the homeless

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Nicole 15th Apr 2021 Manager of Patient Care
I once did a knitting club. We called it Knit Wits. We'd knit and tell jokes. For those who could no longer knit, I had a memory box full of old patterns, different types of wool (some of which needed to to wound up) and assorted finished knitted projects (hats, mitts,
scarves, baby clothes)
Susan 16th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Nicole
Thanks for sharing this
Kim 8th Jun 2021 Lifestyle Assistant
Fantastic idea, well done
Monica 5th Apr 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
We have elected to start and knitting club and as had been mentioned before people who can no longer knit or crochet can come be mentors for other people including staff.
We have named our group Get Knitted and hopefully will be kicking it off this week.
Susan 6th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Wow Monica
How wonderful and ambitious of you to do this
Please let us know how it goes
Thank you for sharing this and for all you do
Seru 12th Oct 2020 Careers
We have a Knitting Group that meet weekly even those who could not knit anymore come just for social or a chat for an hour then have afternoon tea together it’s a good way also to include a new resident make them feel included.
Talita 19th Oct 2020
This is lovely to hear Seru. Yes it's so nice to be around people with similar interests even if they can't participate any longer.
Dilhani 12th Mar 2020 Lifestyle
Can you please let me know where I can get free online knitting patterns for animals? thanks
Susan 13th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Dilhani
I found this on Pinterest
animal pattern crochet
You also might want to ask the Facebook group for Golden Carers
You also may want to try this
Inga 11th Dec 2016 Activities Coordinator
Residents with the intention and interest for knitting gathering together for afternoon, could be themed by season, event, charity's, etc.
Talita 11th Dec 2016
Thanks Inga, we have added your activity idea to an existing one. Thanks for sharing!
Roslyn 19th Sep 2013 Community & Diversional Therapist Trainer
We do this at Karingal in Tassie each Monday afternoon, and the group has grown from 2 - 14 each week. Lovely conversation group and they have produced such wonderful item for charity
colleen 5th Feb 2013 diversional therapist
We have this activity, fortnightly, depending on what project we have going at the time, it is a great interaction activity for staff and residents, our residents make things to sell on our craft stall and to put things in our local show, we have quite a big group now 12-15 somedays, they don't want the afternoon to finish, a big success
Kelly 30th Jan 2013 Diversional Therapist
We do something similar at our facility however everything we make we donate to the local ronald mcdonald house & when we have a box of stuff the residents that made it make a trip & hand deliver it to the sick kids the residents love to see the little kids faces
debbie 22nd Jan 2013 day centre coordinator
This is a wonderful idea. At our Day Centre last year we knitted squares and made them into blankets for the animal welfare league and donated them. Also old blankets and towels were cut into smaller sizes so they could be used as towels to wash the shelter animals. we visited the centre with our clients and saw how the shelter was run and ofcourse the animals who would benenfit from the blankets in winter.
Now is the time to knit those squares ready for winter if any body else might be interested in doing the some sort of thing.
cheers debbie
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