This is a group activity suitable for other celebrations as well, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day.

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Tranquillity 8th May 2016 Activity Co-Ordinator

We did this this for mothers day with patterned pages they enjoyed doing it and just loved the end result. We put crepe paper frill round and decorated it with flowers. Size of pattern was great.
Debbie 7th May 2016
We also completed the heart with decorative ribbons ,lace, printed papers to make a very pretty heart. All residents that participated in this activity was delighted with their efforts. Found this activity provided achievable goals and a great small group activity. We used as part of decoration for our Mothers Day High Tea. Agree with Alison the size of heart is good size.
ALISON 26th Jan 2015 Day Care Cordinator
We completed our heart with the pattern panels, really looks good. Also asked the group to give us words of kindness which we put around the outside of the heart.

Good size, for everyone to see.