This is a group activity suitable for other celebrations as well, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day.
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This is a group activity suitable for other celebrations as well, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day. This heart stands 28 inches (73 cm) tall and the same in width. You may enlarge to A3 paper for giant hearts.

There are two types of group activities:

  • Colouring Heart of Kindness: Use the panels with patterns.
  • Creative Heart of Kindness: Use plain panels (no patterns - residents can create their own patterns)

It is recommended that the two groups be separated so that creativity is unencumbered.

Colouring/Creative Heart of Kindness instructions

  • Download and photocopy A4 patterned panels.
  • A4 paper should be thicker than the average office paper to withhold the paint.
  • If using pencil colouring, buy the best quality colouring pencils you can afford. To achieve beautiful results you need good tools.
  • There are 9 panels so distribute them according to how many participants you have.
  • Let participants colour/paint as they wish.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly.

How to assemble hearts:

You may assemble as you like, it is quite straight forward, with the edges showing where to glue.
However, if you like instructions, this is how we have done it:

  • Starting with the triangle part of the heart, place it on a table with a little blue tack at the back to hold it in place.
  • Glue lower edge of panel 2 (left side), over triangle matching the heart line.
  • Glue bottom edge of panel 4 Right side over triangle as above.
  • Glue lower edge of panel 5 (L side) to upper edge of panel 2 matching heart line.
  • Do the same on the right side: glue lower edge of panel 7 to upper edger of panel 4.
  • Glue panel 8 under panel 5 on left side matching the heart line.
  • Do the same on other side: Tuck panel 9 under panel 7 and glue matching the heart line.
  • Glue the two middle panels: panel 6 between 2 and 4 and panel 9 between panel 5 and 7, matching heart line.
  • Trim heart all around and blue tack on walls or windows.

Files included:

Download Image

Heart - Plain

Download Image

Heart - Patterns

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Lizzie 17th Feb 2023 Activities Leader
We made this heart in time for Valentine's Day. My residents had great fun painting the seperate panels and when we put it all together they were amazed. We laminated each panel before glueing it together to give it stability. We are not allowed to put things on the walls, so we hung it from the ceiling. Everything thought it was lovely. What do you think? X
Talita 20th Feb 2023
Wow Lizzie, this is beautiful! Well done! Thank you so much for sharing a photo with us x
Eleanor 19th Nov 2019 Administrator
My group loved this activity - each person completed their piece independently using their own ideas and ability, and they were thrilled to see how the pieces fitted together to make a collaborative art work. They were all so pleased to point out which bit of the heart they’d completed.
Talita 22nd Nov 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Eleanor! x
Susan 26th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Thank you for your praise Maria I am so glad this worked out for you and your residents enjoyed it
Maria 25th Sep 2019 Health Care Assistant
I am a health care assistant and i work in a day hospital as an activity co-ordinator. I joined this web site in may and i have to say i think it is brilliant. The heart of kindness is just a brilliant activity to do over a period of three to four weeks. We did ours by using crepe paper rolling it up into small balls and gluing them onto paper. we stuck all of the pieces together onto a black background we put red crepe paper onto the edges of the heart and filled all of the white spaces in with different colours it turned out lovely. we found this a great group activity for reminiscing and it was very therapeutic. All in all every patient and staff found this activity wonderful. Thank you Golden carers keep up the great work. Well Done.
Talita 30th Sep 2019
Maria thank you so very much for your feedback - we appreciate it so much! All the best to you!
Tranquillity 8th May 2016 Activity Co-Ordinator

We did this this for mothers day with patterned pages they enjoyed doing it and just loved the end result. We put crepe paper frill round and decorated it with flowers. Size of pattern was great.
Debbie 7th May 2016
We also completed the heart with decorative ribbons ,lace, printed papers to make a very pretty heart. All residents that participated in this activity was delighted with their efforts. Found this activity provided achievable goals and a great small group activity. We used as part of decoration for our Mothers Day High Tea. Agree with Alison the size of heart is good size.
ALISON 26th Jan 2015 Day Care Cordinator
We completed our heart with the pattern panels, really looks good. Also asked the group to give us words of kindness which we put around the outside of the heart.

Good size, for everyone to see.
No Avatar