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Janaya 1st Nov 2022 OTA
The 'How to sell a Sweep' guidelines above, helps reduce my stress during, what is always, a Very Big, Day...
I refer to it every year, thank you!
Talita 7th Nov 2022
Thank you so very much for your feedback Janaya!
Beryl-Ann 2nd Nov 2015 Diverional Therapy Coordinator
Thank you for the informative steps in setting up a Melbourne Cup sweep. It is most helpful. Also the activities for the day are fantastic. Tried them last year and will do the same this year. Our residents really get into the spirit of the day. Many thanks in making our life so much easier otherwise designing these activities would take longer. Beryl-Ann
Mike 29th Oct 2015 Manager
Thankyou will be following this.
Teresa 24th Oct 2015 Program worker
Hi they are great suggestions.
In our planned activity group, we folded paper into fans. then folded it in half, and stapled them together with a ribbon. We then separated the folded paper and made flowers for us all to wear, on cup day.
Jillian 30th Oct 2013 Recreation therapist
Hi Bob,
could you please inform as to where you got the DVD
Bob 8th Sep 2013 RAO
When I first started working as an RAO I came across a DVD horse racing game called Derby Day. I must say this was a great investment and I still use the DVD game today on a regular basis. For prizes I use chocolates, my ressies are chocaholics !
Joan 16th Oct 2012
We always sit round the TV set wearing our decorated hats, with our fish and chips and glass of bubbly, while I match up the horses with the sweepstake ticket holders, shouting "And Ethel Smith's horse has just gone into the lead!" It's a big day for us here in NZ too.
Solange 3rd Nov 2010 Diversional Therapist
You are right the number of horses are usually 24.
I have added another line for the 24th horse on the sweep. Cheers, Solange
Robyn 1st Nov 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, I printed out your sweeps and completed about 5 of them. When I drew the horses, I found out you have only 23 lines on the sweep and there is 24 horses.