Left & Right Game - Christmas

Left & Right Game - Christmas

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A fun game that will generate much laughter!  Seat participants in a circle with a ball, read the story and when you say the words 'right' or 'left' they should pass the ball in that direction.

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Marianne 13th Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator
Love this!
Julie 30th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Officer
Have tried this game with our residents. Was hilarious. We need more stories. Not very successful in a large group though as some people miss out a turn so tried it with two balls. What chaos! Such fun!! Try it. Recommended by me. Have fun.
Brenda 3rd Nov 2019 Volunteer
I have seen this game played with a group passing around presents.
Shazia 27th Nov 2017 Director
will try this game sounds good fun and will enable all residents to join in
Janine 2nd Aug 2016 Diversional Therapist
I love the sound of this as I can hear their laughter now, cannot wait to try it
Kylie 19th Jan 2016 leisure and lifestyle officer
this was a great hit. lots of laughing
Lesley 15th Jan 2016 diversional therapist
We used the Left Right game with our Secret Santa gifts at our Christmas Party. Everyone had a gift (to the value of $5 - wrapped up) . As I read the Left Right story they had to use their gift and pass along to people next to them. Much laughing as people had to pass their gift, with a few getting mixed up.
Lisa 1st Dec 2015 Diversional Therapist
I have done that game before and with the right clients it is so much fun and a huge giggle!
Patricia 23rd Nov 2014 Co Ordinator
Hi Kimberley, no instructions needed, give each person a lolly for example, whatever! Keep passing it to either person on left or right. Janelle, I wanted a bit more fun for ours & decided to google, got some great games, will be using them this week. I downloaded a word bingo from here, have had a great time with that. If things gets quiet & say I call the word "halt" get them to put hands up if have it & give them a sweet. No prizes at the end as sweets have gone, makes for a fun game, amazing how many hold their hands up all through the game. This is the best site I have ever come across! So much for everybody.
Sue 22nd Nov 2016 allied health assistant
Could you please share this great site.
Kind regards
Sue Terbos
Janelle 31st Oct 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kimberly
Like you I couldn't find the instructions so I Googled 'left right game' and lots of variations came up. I'll definitely be adding it to my activities programme. Hope this helps.
Kymberly 6th Sep 2014 Activities Coordinator
Hi. Where's the instructions? :)
Jacqueline 30th Jan 2014 Diversional therapy team leader
Yes I played this game last year for Valentines day with a version of a love story and the residents thought it was great fun at the end they all had a have-a-heart ice cream.
Patricia 29th Jan 2014 Co Ordinator
This could be changed to something else, I am sure! If we have a dull day, weather not much will certainly go for it! I put a little chocolate with a scratchie on it as a special for a change, they thoroughly enjoyed it!
Linda 28th Jan 2014 lifestyle therapist
that will definitely be included this Christmas:) we did a similar game for a wedding shower - it was hilarious, with the MC (me) unable to continue reading, as i was laughing so much at the chaos that the table was in trying to figure out left and right!