Melbourne Cup Horse

Melbourne Cup Horse

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I printed out this picture of a horse and trimmings for colouring in and cutting out, and gave him 2 wooden pegs for legs.

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Susan 21st Aug 2019 Activity Director
There are many ways to play horse racing games you can have the residents make horses and you can make a board for the horses to go around then they can throw the dice to see how many spaces they move you could have act obstacles to make it harder or it could just be easy

I have also done this using the floor as the track because we had tiles on the floor so each tile was one space I may have to move the horses if the residents cannot reach we don’t want anyone to fall
Robin 20th Aug 2019 Director Of Recreation
How do you play this horse race game?
Solange 20th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Robin, I assume that you have to watch/listen to the race on the first Tuesday in November- Melbourne Cup - to establish the winning horse's name. Whoever has the winning horse's name is the winner.
Yvonne 5th Oct 2017
thanks for that template of the Melbourne cup horse, what a great idea.
Talita 9th Oct 2017
Thanks for your feedback Yvonne! A big thanks to Kymberly too for sharing this activity and template with us.