Race Around Australia Trivia Game

Race Around Australia Trivia Game

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The object of the game is for each team to roll one dice and starting in Tasmania, work their way around Australia answering the quiz cards as they go.

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Janelle 21st Jan 2021 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant
What an awesome game to play. Can't wait to try it out with our readies this week. Am sure they are going to love it. Thanks for sharing
You can buy this game, its called Aussie Quizz and used to be sold in a little styrofoam esky.
I made a map of Australia on a floor mat and used an old lantern, and other antique items to
move around to places on the map.
simonne 17th Jan 2020 Support worker
Excellent.. thank you :-)
Carmen 4th Jun 2019 Carer
Thank you so much for the great idea, will give it a go today!
Bronwyn 25th Jan 2019 RAO
Thank you for sharing this fantastic idea. I used it today with my residents, they loved it. We really enjoyed the action cards - acting out things, especially the kookaburra call and 'Hello Possum'. Lots of laughs. Will use it again.
Thank you
Carole 24th Mar 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
Hi I recently did race around Australia trivia game it was a huge success thank you, I am wondering where the trivia pages were sourced from, the mix of questions were fantastic. If anyone out there can assist me to source some more that are similar I would be very grateful cheers Carole.
Joanne 27th Dec 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Carole,
I researched most of the questions online from lots and lots of different sites and then just compiled them into the different sections of the quiz. So Google search is the answer.
Crystal 21st Mar 2018 Diversional Therapy co-ordinator
Thank you for sharing this wonderful program idea. Our Residents love Quiz based programs.
We played yesterday, we used chalk and drew the map of Australia on the floor of the activity hall and used pool noodles as the counters to move each team around Australia as they answered the questions correctly. Lots of laughs and enjoyment had by all. Thanks again. :)
Melissa 6th Mar 2018
Thank you. A lot of prep went into this - much appreciated. Will use next week when a client will share with us their recent four wheel driving trip around Australia.
Bridget 16th Feb 2018 manager
Just came across this game and wanted to Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into this, it's fabulous and I can't wait to play this with our residents next Australia Day if we wait that long.
Kathie 14th Feb 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
hi, sorry to be so technical, Jean Shrimpton wore her mini dress to the Melb Derby Day, as one resident did tell me, she was there on the day.
Julie 14th Feb 2018 Programs Planning Coordinator
Looks Fab! Will definitely give a go with my customers. Thank you :)
Carol 13th Feb 2018 Activities Coordinator
Fantastic Quiz idea. Thanks
Talita 7th Feb 2018
Love it! Thanks Joanne!