Have some fun having a 'Spot the Differences' contest! This is a great group activity for seniors!

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Leo 17th Jan 2022 Activity Co Ordinator
These have gone down so well with my residents! Have you got anymore? I've run out already:)
Talita 21st Jan 2022
More coming soon Leo! I'll keep you posted.
Leo 21st Dec 2021 Activity Co Ordinator
Such a great activity! Something that someone can do on their own but also ask others for help with too. Been really good for those seniors that are hard of hearing or have difficulty talking.
Talita 21st Dec 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Leo!
Shemiran 15th Mar 2018 Social Support Services Coordinator
such a great activity for seniors and people with disability. I would like to see more variety of ideas in it. Keeps the participants occupied and happy with smiley faces.
Jayne 13th Jun 2017 Activity Director
I too (for the residents I am working with now) would appreciate adult realistic sketch.
Talita 14th Jun 2017
Hi Jayne, thanks for your feedback, we will keep this in mind as we add to this category regularly.

Here's the full list of spot the differences in case you haven't seen them all:

Perhaps you will find some there that suit your residents better. The cartoon style drawings are based on adult cartoons from newspapers.

Thanks Jayne.
Talita 10th Oct 2016
Hi ladies, thanks for your feedback regarding future spot the differences themes. We will see what we can do to get some with fruit, veg, famous places, forest scenes and animals!
Lisa 7th Oct 2016 Carer & Activities
Talita 10th Oct 2016
Thanks for your feedback Lisa. There's a new one out in this week's newsletter!
Lynda 30th Aug 2016 Therapeutic Recreationist
My clients really enjoyed doing this activity outside on a nice day. I have been looking for a game of hidden things within a picture, such as a forest scene with hidden animals that they have to spot and colour in. If anyone knows where I could find this, please let me know. Thank you

Raylene 1st May 2016
I would like to see fruit, flower or scenic photos to find the differences. Keep up the good work it is great for the residents.
Geraldine 8th Nov 2015 Care
I agree with Fiona, the cartoon effect are not for my clients. Musical instruments, famous places or fruit and veg are just some more suggestions for future sketches.
Jacqueline 18th Aug 2015 Divisional Therapist
My residents love the spot the difference sheets. Great for in between group activities. Jackie
Morena 23rd Jul 2015 Diversional Therapist
So do I. I do love this spots, its really great congratulations Solange to keep us up to day. Great Job. Thanks a lot.
Linda 21st Jul 2015 Community Care Assistant - Kalbarri
My group are really enjoying these puzzles, if you can find any new ones that would be wonderful??
Julianne 29th Aug 2014 Activities Officer
Would like to know what you are doing for furthers day and what gifts you giving Julianne.
Fiona 1st Aug 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Some residents don't like the cartoon effects always on the "Spot the Difference" and would be more willing to participate in this activity if it didn't have a juvenile theme. Could you please create sketches that don't resemble cartoons. eg. scenery, bouquets. Thank you so much.
Sandra 27th Jul 2013 Diversional Therapist
Thanks this will help keep residents busy on weekends
debbie 16th Jul 2013 day centre coordinator
love this . it will keep my clients busy

cheers debbie
Sharon 14th Jul 2013 Lifestyle co-ordinator
New idea for me. Yes, I could keep quite a few residents busy. Thanks
Marina 16th Jul 2011 Social Club
Fantastic, I love this website as it gives me great ideas to keep my clients happy.