This comprehensive armchair travel activity includes everything you need for a full day of travel to ITALY! Fact files, trivia, quizzes, music, food, posters, craft and so much more! We hope you enjoy the ITALY travelog!

Italy! The boot-shaped country that fires the imagination in us all! Food, fashion, music, antiques and artifacts, amazing landscapes, volcanoes, opera & more!

This article provides everything you need to create an Armchair Travel Session to ITALY. It includes:

  • Sample Program (approx 2 hrs)
  • Italy Facts & Figures Printout
  • Decorations: Italian Bunting, Travel Posters, Landmark Posters, Map, Flag
  • Activities: Crossword, Word Finders, Quizzes, Trivia & more!
  • YouTube Videos to Watch
  • Coloring, Food, Music, Games & More!

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Melchor 27th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thanks for this idea. Our residents enjoyed their virtual travel. I want to share some of their photos too.
Talita 28th Sep 2020
I love this Melchor! Thank you so much for sharing these pics x
Lisa 1st Feb 2020 Recreation Therapist
I did my first Armchair Travel to Italy today with 27 Residents! Thank you so much for all the information and activities. I was lucky to spend time in Italy in 2017 and shared two of my slide shows of pictures that I had taken. Everyone enjoyed it and are asking what country we are going to next! - Elaine Partsch Recreation Coordinator - Points West Living Stettler
Talita 2nd Feb 2020
This is wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for your feedback Lisa! Armchair travel to Greece was released today, maybe you could try that one next! x
Nancy 27th Dec 2019 Lead Activity Co Ordinator
When will the next month's country be released? I would like to inform our entertainers as in January they will include a few italian dances / songs.
Talita 28th Dec 2019
Hi Nancy, the next armchair travel country will be Australia. It will be released in the next week!
Nancy 8th Dec 2019 Lead Activity Co Ordinator
Fantastic idea, we will be doing this from January, all activity in January will be based on Italy, looking forward to next country so we can start planning February.
I love the downloadable and printable fact sheets etc.
Talita 16th Dec 2019
This is wonderful to hear Nancy, thanks so much for your feedback!
Nancy 8th Dec 2019 Lead Activity Co Ordinator
Talita 16th Dec 2019
Wow Nancy! This is an impressive calendar!
Tawny 2nd Dec 2019 Recreation Therapist
Love this... We have been doing similar armchair travels for the past couple of years. Traveled the world in a year...then Destination travel this past year (did local or United States). Provide sensory, music, educational, movies, baking/cooking programs and travel videos. Each quarter we meet with the nutrition department and plan a program we call.. the taste of (destination for that month). Nutrition provides us with either a dessert or popular dish for that destination, and recreation does the opposite. On the day of the Taste, we decorate accordingly, and sample foods, desserts and drinks based on our itinerary. Our residents have looked forward to traveling monthly.
Diane 29th Nov 2019 Activity Coordinator
I have been thinking about starting arm chair travel sessions but didn't know where to start! I have a big set of travel DVD's to use, and now I have lots of ideas on things to do along with the DVD's! Thank you so much!
Talita 29th Nov 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Diane, this is wonderful to hear!
Sue 28th Nov 2019 Aged Care
Love this new concept
Each month we have a meal - "Foods from other Countries" - introducing new flavours, new foods, different ways of cooking etc, so now I can extend this and incorporate more information about the countries we are eating from as an Activity for that day.
Talita 29th Nov 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Sue!
Helen 26th Nov 2019 Activities Coordinator
fantastic thank you
Talita 29th Nov 2019
thank you Helen!
Evangeline 26th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
I love how comprehensive this is! Everything you need to carry out the event!
Talita 26th Nov 2019
Thanks for the feedback Evangeline!