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Michelle 26th Feb 2021 Activity coordinator
I am trying to start up carpet bowls can someone help me with the instrustions on how to play and scoring and easy version please
Solange 28th Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist
HI, Michelle, the system of playing is exactly like for Indoor Bowls: the team that scores the most balls closer to the jack wins. Here is how it goes:
Carpet Bowls Rules
The game is usually played up to 21 points
Two teams of 3 or 4 people
Each team picks one set of balls
As I said above the score is measured by the number of bowls closer to the Jack
The team that wins the match gets 2 points, if there is a draw it is one point for each team.
The first team throws balls followed by the second team and then records the score. How many points did each team get?
Keep going this way until one team gets 21 points.
NOTE: Having said that, of course, you adapt the game to suit the skills of the residents.
Instead of counting points, you can establish how many games are going to be played instead. This way many people interested in playing can have a go. So, for instance: 2 teams, 4 games - the team with the most points wins. You can adapt the game for certain residents (e.g. residents in wheelchairs) and leave the instructions above for low care, mobile residents. Anyway, you are the best judge in which manner you adapt the game.
It was very popular in my last place of work, we played every fortnight on a Friday at 3 pm and then had a Happy Hour.
patricia 4th Sep 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
Can anyone please tell me the approximate cost of indoor bowls or bocce balls?
Sally 29th Aug 2013 Activities Coordinator
We love Carpet Bowls at our centre. We use Bocce balls instead of regular carpet bowls because they are different colours and some of our residents have Macular Degeneration. It is always lots of fun not just for the players but for the observers. One of our regulars will turn up in his Bowls jacket and hat from when he was a competitive bowler.