Everyone had so much fun and all the residents and staff laughed until they couldn't laugh any more. The next day residents were asking staff what pantomime were they going to do next year!

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Lisa 21st Dec 2017
Thank you for your pantomime scripts staff at our home did Cinderella it went down a storm
Talita 22nd Dec 2017
This is so wonderful to hear! Thanks for sharing the photo, you all look fabulous!
Anne 20th Oct 2015
Hey are you having a panto for this year. We have done the last two.
Debbie 13th Dec 2012
Dear Solange,our facility performed this pantomine today for residents and their families for their Christmas party. We added a few of our own lines mainly because people forgot but like everyone who has done this for their residents it was constant laughter for 30mins. We had a horse that galloped away on the prince and the prince was a female staff member who came out first dressed as an old prince and somehow found the fairy godmother who changed him into a younger prince after the ball and cinderella was our maintenance man. He had a daggy dress on with a velcro back so the prince could rip it off her/him exposing him dressed in a wonder woman's costume to wear to the ball. Our fairy godmother had to use 3 wands before she found one that worked and the ugly sisters had cushions strapped to their bodies so they had a huge bubble bottom. Our narrator was dressed as a half man half woman and we used a thong as the glass slipper. Our valet pretended to speak in french so the ugly sisters looked even more confused. Our prince mimed a love song to Cinderella.I can't wait for the new pantomines to come out next year. I think we will have staff knocking our door down to be a part of it. Thank you very much.
Solange 15th Dec 2012
Hi Debbie, I am glad the pantomime worked for you. I have always had very good experience with it. Yes we shall have some more next year.
Solange 29th Dec 2011
Hi Donelle, this is also my experience; it doesn't matter how long you rehearse as long as everyone knows roughly what they are doing. Performers can use their wit and add to it to make it funnier. I am glad it worked for you as well. There will be another two pantomimes in the coming year. Cheers, Solange
Donelle 29th Dec 2011
Hello Solange, our staff did this play for our residents christmas party, after only ten minutes of rehersing. everyone had so much fun and all the residents and staff laughted til they couldnt laugh any more. the next day residents were asking staff what pantomine were they going to do next year.
thanks we had sooo much fun
Solange 28th Dec 2011
Hi Debi, well done! Some of our colleagues are shy to put on a pantomime but as you probably found out, it is all in the name of fun and not as much work as one thinks. Enthusiasm and sense of fun is all you need. I hope you got some brownie points with your management. All the best. Cheers Solange
Debi 28th Dec 2011
HI Solange & All, Just to you all know our play was fantastic! the residents roared with laughter as did staff & family members.It was areal comedy act,and the costumes outstanding, for example the Prince was dressed with a mullet wig, blue singlet, thongs and shorts. I recommend every one to have a go. Cheers Debi.
Solange 16th Dec 2011
Good luck! Please do let us know how it goes!
Debi 15th Dec 2011
wish us luck the staff are performing this play tomorrow , i will let you know how it goes. :)

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