Life Reflections Posters to Connect with New Arrivals

Life Reflections Posters to Connect with New Arrivals

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A Life Reflections poster celebrates the life and achievements of a resident; it is a brief and visual biography of their life.

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Talita 31st Mar 2016
Thanks for your feedback Lesley, much appreciated!
Lesley 30th Mar 2016 Recreation Therapist
What a great idea. I work in a centre with clients before they get to the Nursing Homes and l think it would be a great idea to start now, whilst they can have all the input into what they want in their book or on their poster. Many thanks,
Talita 29th Mar 2016
I love the 'Key to Me' form, that's a great idea. Thanks so much for the feedback Deidre!
Deidre 29th Mar 2016 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Thanks for sharing Cheryl, what a great idea! I would love to do this with the Residents at my Facility.
Deidre.... Southern Cross Care - southern Adelaide region.
Deidre 29th Mar 2016 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Thank you so much for the great idea! Our Resident's families together with the Resident fill out a "Key to me" form when they arrive that contains a lot of the information for us to start to get to know them. Then Lifestyle staff have ongoing conversations with the Resident to get to know them more personally, but I love this idea of a visual activity that everyone can use to connect..... I know the Lifestyle staff will enjoy putting these together with our Residents!
Kymberly 23rd Dec 2014 Activities Coordinator
I would love to see a photo of your collage. Thanks for the inspiration! Kym x
Kate 12th Aug 2014 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
wonderful idea Cheryl
Colleen 5th May 2014 OT
Hi. This sounds like a wonderful initative. Do you have a picture of a finished life reflection poster?
Cheryl 29th Apr 2014 Senior Coordinator
I work with clients in the community. We recently asked all clients to submit a photo of themselves either as a child or young adult. We also asked for a "few words of wisdom for the younger generation. The result was a wonderful collection of photos and "advice' which we made into a large collage. This now hangs in the foyer of our office and is a great talking point.
Cheryl...Catholic Community Service. Mid North Coast.