Here is a newsletter template for November 2023 in WORD format. So easy to edit and customize!

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Frances 7th Nov 2023 Retired
looking for Christian humor short stories and jokes
Bernadette 21st Oct 2022 Activity Director
I like the November activities, such the word start with Letter N and the 4 hot drinks and Also the last 3 words end with age. These ideas are very helpful for the November calendar.
Annatjie 27th Sep 2022 Nursing Manager
Thank you to Golden Carers for the brand-new calendar with so much to participate in! Our Residents should not have a dull moment. Love Annatjie
Talita 3rd Oct 2022
Thank you so very much for your feedback Annatjie !
Philip 18th Nov 2020 Student
I just love this website I have just started my career in the Aged Care Industry and this website is my must go tool for ideas and inspirations

Thank-you so much
Talita 22nd Nov 2020
Thank you once again for your feedback Philip, it means so much to us. All the very best!
Hanneke 16th Oct 2020 Manager Services
Is there a way to change the calendar back to start at the beginning of the week, Monday? It now breaks up the weekend which is strange. We would like to continue with the consistency that was in place already.
Talita 19th Oct 2020
Both options are now available Hanneke!
Hanneke 22nd Oct 2020
Thank you very much Talita! Really appreciate it
Dianne 7th Oct 2020 Lifestyle
Finding Golden Carers so interesting and love it.
Talita 11th Oct 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Dianne! All the best!
Gail 5th Oct 2020 Activities Director
Thank you for changing the calendar!!! Starting the week with Sunday :)
Talita 11th Oct 2020
Ha! Noted Gail. We will update to provide both versions.