You have to be a certain age to appreciate this one.
I can hear my mother now...

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Geraldine 4th May 2016
I enjoyed your poem and look forward to reading it at the daycare centre.
Cheers Ger
July 26th Feb 2016
Great, I work in an Aged Care & this is fantastic.
Sally 8th Dec 2015
Nice activity but it seems to be inferring that people don't use clothes lines anymore?!! Is this true?! The only difference now is that most people don't bother about "etiquette" now-a-days and if someone does judge the way you hang your clothes, you know they are the one with the problem! ;-) It will be interesting discussing some of the old stories though.
Kylie 2nd Dec 2015
I am using this on Friday and will bring in my camping close line to see if we can 'peg' the correct way! thank you
Brenda 18th Nov 2015
Wow what a wonderful poem lol...I am 45 and I would be lost without my hills hoist.
Ann 30th Dec 2014
Love it , can remember the old copper as well. thanks
Nicola 29th Oct 2014
Can't wait to talk to my residents about clotheslines. Will also try the games with pegs.
Does anyone know how to do the IRONING???!!!

ALISON 27th Sep 2014
We spoke about the clothesline on Thursday at the Day Centre, i run. it was brill the ladies thoroughly enjoyed and reminisced and a few of the men commented about the washing line.

Cathy 23rd Sep 2014
A game that would go great with this:
Put up a line and fill with pegs.
Each player takes a turn taking off pegs with one hand, holding them the whole time and not dropping or putting any down.
The player who can hold the most pegs in their hand is the winner.
Another game is to have a dozen flannels or nappies and time how long each player takes to peg them out. The fastest time wins!!!
debbie 19th Sep 2014
This was a great activity to do with my clients. I brought in a portable clothes line and hung my washing up.
We had a great discussion about the correct techniques to hang out the clothes. Also reminiscing about the war times as I played " hang out the washing on the Siegfried line." we easy past an hour away talking and laughing.

Thank you for this activity idea.

Cheers Deb
Sue 16th Sep 2014
Love the Golden Carers it makes life so much easier thankyou
Bec xx
Judy 16th Sep 2014
Recently a Senior told me that if a woman was going into labor (city/urban edge Melbourne), women would hang a single nappy on their clothes line. The nappy line would wend its way to the mid wife's house and she would know to come out. Nappy semaphore!
debbie 15th Sep 2014
love this and how so true of peoples reactions to the washing hanging outside. Even to this day my smalls remain on the clothes rack inside the house. But I live on a farm so there are no neighbours to see my knickers hanging on the line. Only the cows to pass judgement on their condition and size. But I fear my undies might be blown down the highway in a storm for on coming drivers to see!!!! So my smalls remain inside for only me to see!!

I intend to use this for a discussion on Wednesday thank you. I am going to bring in a washing line and hang some washing on it. I wonder if my daughter will mind me using her undies as an exhibit...HA HA

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