These touchy-feely sensory pouches (also known as squish bags and sensory pads) are a wonderful way to explore the senses. They are also so easy to make! Making sensory pouches is a quick and inexpensive way to make an engaging and relaxing sensory activity for people living with dem
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These touchy-feely sensory pouches (also known as squish bags and sensory pads) are a wonderful way to explore the senses. Filled with interesting textures, sensory pouches are stimulating to look at and touch.

They are also so easy to make! Making sensory pouches is a quick and inexpensive way to make an engaging and relaxing sensory activity for people living with dementia.


  • Ziplock bags in whatever size you prefer
  • Hair gel, sand or shaving cream
  • Food colouring (optional)
  • Duct tape of any colour 5cm (2 inches) wide


  • Anything small and soft (sharp items will perforate the plastic) such as: Buttons, coins, plastic flowers, shells, river pebbles, glitter, beads, sponges, pearls, flat marbles, leftover game pieces, rubber ‘sea’ toys.


  • Take a Ziplock bag and tape three sides with duct tape, trimming the edges as you go (carefully so as not to cut the plastic!)
  • Open zip side of bags and pour in gel, sand or shaving cream.
    Note: You may add two drops of food colouring to clear gel if desired
  • Insert decorations as you please
  • Squeeze as much of the air out as you can when sealing the bag
  • Zip bag shut and fasten shut with duct tape

Clients living with dementia should be supervised at all times while handling the sensory pouches.

Video Instructions

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Melissa 13th Feb 2018
I made 3 of them with different textures of material sewed buttons ribbon on them including pitchers on them as well they live them
Oliver 30th Jan 2018
I'm intrigued about trying these! I'm not sure my residents would be able to help make them but I'm sure they'd find them interested if I made them and had sensory sessions with them! Great idea.
Talita 4th Feb 2018
Love to hear how it is received Oliver. Thanks for your feedback!
Imelda 9th Aug 2017
I am going to try this with my residents as well, thank you so much.
Talita 4th Feb 2018
Thanks Imelda!
maria 16th Jun 2017
I have made these with great success using rice.
Talita 4th Feb 2018
Using rice is a great idea! Thanks for your feedback Maria.
Diana 14th Jun 2017
I made this today. It's been a great hit with my Life engagement unit.
They Loved it.
Thank you!
Talita 4th Feb 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Diana!
Julie 9th Feb 2017
I have downloaded and printed many of these activities and they are great
Talita 9th Feb 2017
Thanks for your feedback Julie!
Anthea 8th Feb 2017
Thank you so so much!!! I have tried them and they are absolutely BRILLIANT! I have used hand gel, pebbles, buttons, bobbins, sand and glitter stars ..... not altogether..... ha ha.....but so good for our blind residents, carers and Manager too! Just make sure properly sealed.
Talita 9th Feb 2017
So great to hear Anthea! Thank you so much for your feedback!
Genevieve 7th Feb 2017
Sadly these were an epic fail :(
The shaving cream seemed turned to water and seemed to have weakened the plastic, and leaked out ... the hair gel also went watery :( so disappointed...
Any tips?
Talita 9th Feb 2017
oh! So sorry to hear that Genevieve! It sounds like they may not have been sealed adequately. The ones we made turned out so beautifully and have lasted and lasted!
Jenny 6th Dec 2016
I will try make these for a client of mine from a religious group and try and incorporate religious items of the faith. Ant ideas of where I may get religious small items?
Karen 7th Feb 2017
Try the Op shops. I found a whole bowl of religious pendants in our local St Vinnie's a month or so ago.

Danielle - Lifestyle Assistant
Heather 12th Jun 2016
These are great, I have been wondering if these would work being attached to a table so they cant be moved for those residents who tend to rip magazines of screw things up when they a fiddling. I also have a gentlemen who bangs on a table for no reason I can find at this time. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am certainly going to make some. Thanks for sharing.
Julie 3rd Jun 2016
could you use hand sanitizer inside the bags?
Talita 3rd Jun 2016
Hi Julie, we haven't tried but I'm not sure this would work as well. I would stick to gel or sand!
maria 31st May 2016
You can pretty these up with fancy duct tape they sell in Office Works too.
Talita 1st Jun 2016
Great idea Maria!
Josephine 31st May 2016
Must give this a try - will try and incorporate this into an activity with low care residents too !
Talita 31st May 2016
Good idea Josephine, would love to hear how it goes!
Joanne 31st May 2016
Definitely going to make some of these this weekend...thanks
Talita 1st Jun 2016
Thanks Joanne, love to hear how you go with it.
Marguerite 31st May 2016
definitely giving this a go for our blind resident with dementia.
Talita 1st Jun 2016
Oh Marguerite, what a great idea, let us know how you go!
jerri 31st May 2016
what a great project gonna try this
Talita 1st Jun 2016
Would love to hear how you go with the activity Jerri!
Deb 31st May 2016
I just HAVE to try this!!!! It looks fabulous! My imagination is running wild now with what I can put in the bags!!! Thanks!!!!
Talita 1st Jun 2016
Thanks Deb! We'd love to hear how you go with it!
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