Cover the Number - Dice Game

Cover the Number - Dice Game

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David 20th Jan 2019 Activity Assistant
I took the template and added two more 1's , two more 2's, two more 3's, two more 4's, so now they have three 1's, three 2's, three 3's, three 4's, two 5's, two 6's, two 7's, two 8's, and one 9, 10, 11, and 12. Since so many throws of the dice are these smaller numbers, they get to cover some more numbers. It doesn't take any longer, because so often the 11 and 12 are the last numbers anyway, but now and then those numbers are covered early, then they have more numbers to cover. I often hear, "Oh, I do have a 3 and a 5, or Oh, I do have a 1 and a 4"!
They seem to have more fun, and there is room to put all those numbers in the first and fourth column. Sorry, I don't know how to attach the image.
Talita 27th Jan 2019
This sounds great David, I will send you a private message so you can share your template with us if you would like to.
Debra 27th Dec 2018 Friend To All
Ok I’m a bit confused on how to play this game. I rolled the dice each time and let them choose what numbers to cover, but everyone ended up covering the whole card at the same time, so everyone won
Joanne 27th Dec 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Debra, each of the residents have a turn at rolling the two dice. The person who rolled the dice gets to pick what they cover on their own sheet eg: roll a 4 and 6, they can cover those 2 numbers or the number 10. That is the end of their turn and pass the dice to the next player who then rolls and they may roll a 3 and 4, so they can cover those numbers or the number 7 on their sheet. That's the end of their turn and they pass it on, and so it repeats. If they roll numbers that are already covered, then they miss that turn.
I hope this has helped to explain it better.
Jodi 30th Sep 2018 Activity Offocer
This is a fantastic activity my folk especially the men love it, Thanks for sharing.
Isn't Golden Carer's a fantastic site
Talita 8th Oct 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Jodi! Dice games are great for the men, aren't they!
Carol 19th Aug 2018
I am a new member and see I am not alone in my appreciation for this site. As a volunteer I am pretty much on my own to find new ideas for our friends. I commented earlier on the Cover the Number game and thought I would add another comment in general. Many of the clients I work with have some form of memory loss so it is important they continue to make as many choices for themselves as possible. We needed more dice I went to Amazon and ordered a package of 100 dice in 10 different colors. Now everyone gets to choose the color to use for any dice game they are playing. For those who have a hard time making a choice I give them a choice of two colors. Keep up the great work!
Joanne 23rd Aug 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Carol, I'm pleased that your residents like the dice game. I change it sometimes and make different shapes with the numbers.
Carol 15th Aug 2018
I am a volunteer in a day facility and we tried this game out today. We did one person at a time and they were helping each other out and had a great time. We did laminate the sheets and each person had their own dice. Thanks for the game.
Talita 19th Aug 2018
Thanks for your feedback Carol, this is great to hear!
Kerry 11th Apr 2018 Recreational Coordinater
Thanks Joanne, I actually had 23 residents playing this game on Tuesday, I did print out sheets & I taped them to cardboard, did not laminate them as I find markers are more secure on actual sheets.
I also purchased packs 10 dice for $2 & was able to give each resident their own plastic cup with 2 dice per cup & that made them feel as they were in control.
I called "roll" & I would just help them with their choice of number.
They loved the game.
I work in a Retirement Village but in that group that played this game I had cognitive, dementia & sight impaired & all coped well with assistance.
Thank you,
Talita 7th Feb 2018
Thanks Joanne! We're always on the lookout for new dice games.
Joanne 30th Jan 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
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