Say 'hello' in 25+ different languages! If you have a client from a country not listed here, find out how they say 'hello' in their language.
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If you have a client from a country not listed here, find out how they say 'hello' in their language.

Country Hello Goodbye
Spain Hola Adios
Armenia Barev Hajoghutyun
Austria Grüßgott Auf Wiedersehen
Fiji Bula Moce
France Salut Au revoir
Germany Hallo Tschuss
Greece Yahsoo Antio
India (Hindi) Namaste Alavita
Israel (Hebrew) Shalom Lehitra’ot
Hawaii Aloha Aloha
Italy Ciào  Ciào 
Japan Konnichiha  Sayonara
Latin Salve Vale 
New Zealand (Maori)     Kia ora Kia ora 
Brazil Oi or olá Adeus
China Nei ho Zaijian
Congo Mambo Tokomonana
Kenya (Swahili) Jambo Kwaheri
Turkey Merhaba Güle güle
Vietnam Xin chào Tam biêt
Native America (Cherokee)       Osiyo Donadagohvi
Paraguay (Guarani) Maitei Jajotopata Jajoechapeve
Luxembourg Moien Avuar or Eddi
Philippines Kamusta Paalam
Tonga Malo e lelei Toki sio
Serbia Zdravo Zbogom
Poland Czesc Do widzenia

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Sir Winston Churchill Home 15th Feb 2022 Volunteers
As an addition to your "Say 'Hello" in Different Languages", 'Goodbyes" in the different languages have been provided
Sir Winston Churchill Home 15th Feb 2022 Volunteers
Fabulous, thank you! This has been updated!
Adelia 29th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Republic of the Marshall Islands
Susan 10th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Great ideas Debra thank you
Debra 9th Jul 2019 Aged Care team leader
we also included some of the traditions people use when saying hello- rubbing noses, bowing, handshakes from different cultures and even for fun discussed how we say hello to our animals- or they say hello to us- dog wagging tail, cat rubbing against leg, animals lined up at the door, etc- as some clients have or have had special animals in their lives.
Also special greetings that mean a lot- grand kids saying hello etc.
Group also stood and introduced themselves one at a time and everyone in room yelled out hello!
for people with memory loss, sat in a circle and shook hands with the person next to them and waved to the person across from them as well as some discussion time.
Talita 15th Jul 2019
These are wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing Debra
yasmin 4th Mar 2018 Recreational therapist

Fijian - Bula
Sophie 20th Nov 2017 Activities Co-ordinator
finally something that can include all resident, eg ethnicity, travel, dialect,schooling and personal interaction to loved ones. thanks for the insperation. a small word/action that every in the world uses many times a day. sophie
Talita 20th Nov 2017
Thank you so much for your feedback Sophie!
Eva 20th Nov 2016 Activities Coordinator
hello, in Czech republic we say Ahoj :]
Talita 21st Nov 2016
Thank you Eva, we'll add it to our list!
Georgia 9th May 2016 Student
Cambodia - Susaday
Agata 29th Apr 2016 Lifestyle assistant
Poland should be -Czesc
Talita 3rd May 2016
Thank you Agata, updated!
Solange 13th Feb 2016 Diversional Therapist
Thank you all for the additions. They shall be added to the list!
Christine 9th Feb 2016 RAO
In Fiji it is "Bula!"
Joanne 22nd Nov 2015 diversional therapist
Pulya- Australian aboriginal language
Anna 12th Nov 2015
Armenia -Barev
Gurcharan 11th Nov 2015
Indian-Sat Shri Akal
Talita 10th Nov 2015
Thank you for all your input, the activity has been updated!
Binubia 9th Nov 2015 Activities coordinator
In Spanish we say Hola means Hello
Anne 21st Nov 2014 Diversional Therapist
Malo e lelei ..... Tongan
Tatjana 20th Nov 2014 Recreational Therapist
karen 29th Oct 2014 Rao/ain
Faith 20th Nov 2013 Therapy Assistant
Polish - Dzien Dobry
Talita 13th Nov 2013
Thank you Loreta, we have added this!
Loreta 6th Nov 2013 Recreational Officer
Philippines- Kamusta
Anna 29th Oct 2012 Lifestyle & Leisure Coordinator
Malta - Merhba
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