Have fun decorating international flags.
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  • Engagement in current events.
  • Validation of memories.


  • Flag templates provided (see below)
  • Coloured paper, pencils, water based paints and brushes for decorating
  • String


  • Sit residents in a comfortable position and sit yourself in a position where most of them can see you. Read aloud some trivia about the 2012 Olympics in London. Things like how big is London, how many people, and how many times the city has hosted the Olympics (copy and paste from Wikipedia.org some historical trivia about England and the Winter Olympics).
  • Ask residents if they attended any event of the Winter/Summer Olympics in their lives and what athletes they remember most from past Olympics.
  • Ask whether they played a sport in the past and where?
  • Which are their favourite sports? Which sports do they most like to watch during the Olympic games?
  • Hand out international flags to be coloured. Use crayons, cut out coloured paper and pencils or water based paint and brushes.
  • String flags and place in your recreation area and other parts of your facility.

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Kaimraj 16th Jun 2021 Recreation Assistant
Please Flags from Scotland and Slovakia, , Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Goa, other Caribbean islands and south American Countries. Thank You
Maurice 17th Jun 2021
Hi Kaimraj! We are working on them and should have them done next week :)
Fiona 31st May 2021 Nurse
Hi there. Thanks for such a great site. It’s really helping with ideas! Is it possible to add the flags of Germany and Belgium to your print out please?
Talita 31st May 2021
Hi Fiona, Germany is there already but we will get Belgium added shortly! Thanks for your feedback.
Susan 31st May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Fiona
Here is the German flag
karen 6th Feb 2018 Activities Officer
Could we please have the flag for Sth Korea re the Winter Olympics?. Also, do you have a template for the games in Pyeong Chang this year?. Thank you for a great site.
Julianne 9th Aug 2016 Activities Officer
Thanks so much for these templates will use them for our colouring day.
Sherlene 9th Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator
How can I get a copy of the flags to know what colors they are? I know some of them.
Maurice 16th Aug 2016
Hi Sherlene,

Good idea, we have just added a new downloads with a map key of the colours.
David 2nd Aug 2016 RAO
Hi may I have the country of Malaysia Hong Kong and Singapore.

David 4th Aug 2016 RAO
Thank you very much
Christine 4th Nov 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Solange,
How do we find the right colours etc for residents to colour. I work with dementia & sometimes they cannot recall the colours of their flags.
Thanks for this wonderful site and your hard work
Maurice 19th Feb 2014
Hi Rheamae, we've just added the flag of the Philippines! Sorry for the delay :).
Rheamae 14th Feb 2014
Is it possible to add Philippines please. Thank you.
Maurice 7th Feb 2014
Hi Debbie,

We've just added Finland, Norway, and Sweden!
Debbie 7th Feb 2014 Recreation Supervisor
Could we have Finland, Norway and Sweden Flags as well? Great activity for our seniors. Being Canadian's we're each cheering for the teams in the hockey pool. Thanks
Heather 3rd Feb 2014 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for this Wonderful Resource, we will have lots of fun with chair travel, olympics and special theme days.
Maurice 31st Jan 2014
Hi Jeannine,

Thanks for the suggestion, we've just added Russia and the Sochi flag!
jeannine 26th Jan 2014 recreation therapist
as it is the winter olympics in sochi russia could we please have that flag
Maurice 16th Jan 2014
Bangladesh & Fiji added!
Christine 16th Jan 2014 RAO
Could we have Fiji's flag and for Bangladesh please?
Maurice 15th Jan 2014
Hi Karin,

We've just added Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland & Palestine as per your suggestion!
Karin 15th Jan 2014 Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
Also one from Palestine?
Karin 15th Jan 2014 Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
This is great! I've printed them out and getting my volunteers to sit and colour with the residents. But as an added twist, when I hang them up I am going to put a flip cover over the names of the countries so everyone can have a guess at the flags origins before they check to see if they have it right!
Could you possibly make up flags for me from Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, & Switzerland? Thanks
maggie 3rd Jul 2013 Health & Leisure Activities
These flags will be great for International friendship day coming up. Well done.
talita 17th Jun 2013
Hi Michaela,

These flags have been added.

Michaela 13th Jun 2013
Hello, could I please have the flag for sudan, Ireland, Aboriginal, Nepal and India please
talita 25th May 2013
Hi Arlene,

The flags of Indonesia and Israel have been added!

Arlene 9th Mar 2013
Please could we have the flags of Indonesia and Israel. Thank you
Gaye 6th Feb 2013 Recreation therapist
Thankyou again so much. We get theclients to color their country flagand we are making a wall mount for everyones country of birth and some info about their country. Thankyou so much again. Brilliant website very helpful.
talita 5th Feb 2013
No problems Gaye, we have included a flag of Egypt for you.
Gaye 5th Feb 2013 Recreation therapist
Thankyou SO much for the flags requested. Absolutely fantastic... Thankyou.... Thankyou. Can I be bold and ask for Egypt? Thanks again.
talita 3rd Feb 2013
Hi Gaye,

We have added the flags from the requested countries.

Gaye 30th Jan 2013 Recreation therapist
Thank you for the flag templates. However I need Spain, Portugal, Malta, South Africa and Poland. Any ideas where I can get these. We get the clients to color in their flags they love it
talita 28th Jun 2012
You're absolutely right, not sure how we missed this one! Thanks for letting us know it has now been fixed.
Tamara 26th Jun 2012
Thank you heaps! However the flag of france is slightly wrong. The lines should be vertical.
Angela 18th Jan 2012 CTRS
Thank you so much for the flag templates
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