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Heather 17th Aug 2021 Lifestyle Officer

12 Ideas For a Veterans Day Ceremony

Thank so much for your great and creative ideas. Your ideas are of great admiration and show overwhelming respect for our residents, family, friends, staff etc and are extremely helpful and appreciated.
Regards Heather S
Heather 18th May 2021 Lifestyle Officer

Coffee Club

Brentwood is getting a new cafe within the facility and this idea of a coffee club sounds like and great way for residents and staff to chat and get to know one another better in a relaxed way. Thankyou for the idea and the opportunity it voice my thoughts. Heather
Heather 9th Jan 2018 Lifestyle Officer

Wandering and Dementia

Thankyou for this helpful information
Deirdre 26th Jan 2016 Lifestyle Officer

Noodle Soccer

balloon tennis has always worked for me. I use hip hop fast moving music. A sure winner.
I will try the noodle soccer game sounds great fun!....Thank you!