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Willee 24th Mar 2023 Activities Coordinator

1 - 90 Bingo

Also wondering what the 6 numbered cards are for ? I'm just assuming a easier version to play for some perhaps
Betty 24th Mar 2023 RN

Songs for Seniors Quiz

THank you! for all your hard work. We are using the song list.
MARTHA 23rd Mar 2023

13 Reminiscing Themes for Seniors

Vicky 22nd Mar 2023 Activity Co Ordinator

Words & Phrases with Railroad Origins

Eileen 21st Mar 2023 PCTL-Respite Manager

NRL Team Logos

Wow, this is just great for the staff and clients to play along with this year. The NRL Logos are so bright. We will be putting ours up shortly. I know it's already started.
Sherry 21st Mar 2023 Therapy Coordinator

10 Ways to Celebrate Train Day

Fantastic idea! Who doesn`t love a train!
Lori A Deselms 21st Mar 2023

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you for creating this for us all! I know the time you put into this will benefit so many!
Annie Hawker 20th Mar 2023

How to Make Sensory Blankets for Dementia Care

I don't sew, so can I knit or crochet fiddle blankets?
Ashleigh 19th Mar 2023 Wellness & Lifestyle Coordinator

Circus Theme Party

Has anyone ever hired a clown? if so where from please
Isabella 19th Mar 2023 Recreation Therapist

Words in Words Game

This is a much loved game at our center. Our residents got 243 words from the word pedestrian! I challenged them to beat the score of another center. They loved the fun competition!
Please post your words and scores for us. :)
Chris 18th Mar 2023

Card Bingo

13 cards mixed, ie 4 x 13 per pack, use as many packs as required. Have a main pack for the dealer to call, each card called the players turns it over until the last card, you must declare, iam on last call. Continue to turn cards over until someone calls. Sometimes you may have many people on last card. We play at our local club £1 ago, Sometimes £30 plus in the pot. Great fun, have ago.
Robyn 16th Mar 2023 Support Worker

How to Make Sarubobo Dolls

This looks like a lot of fun. I've printed it off for future use.
Molly 16th Mar 2023 Activity Coordinator

Submit an Activity

We use "Good News Network" for "what happened on this day in history" and positive current events
Alison 15th Mar 2023 Lifestyle And Leisure Support

Easter Poems

Thankyou for the lovely poems about Jesus for Easter.
Eleanor Mitchell 15th Mar 2023

Songs for Seniors Quiz

I run a very small group singing for Joy voluntary. Mostly retirees. This list is excellent. I know how much time researching appropriate material, typing, copying paper and ink cartridges cost and very much appreciate your efforts. Thank you.
Judy 14th Mar 2023 Diversional Therapist

St. Patrick's Leprechaun and beer poster

Hi Everyone,
This year staff and residents are encouraged to wear green. In the unit I work we will have a variety of activities of the Irish theme, which will include a quiz, music, and trivia. I am hoping to involve staff by asking them to read out a limerick or two to the residents. Currently, the residents are working on the Leprechaun poster to have ready for Friday.
Have floated the idea with the unit staff of having a staff-shared morning tea of green-themed food. Cheers, Judy.
Bernadette 14th Mar 2023 Activity Director

Easter Egg Decorations

I like this Easter egg decorations, the residents will love this.
Sister Joseph Marie 14th Mar 2023 Religious

Mothers Day Bingo

How do you play this activity
Sister Joseph Marie 14th Mar 2023 Religious

Mothers Day Bingo

when do they win a bingo
Harriet 14th Mar 2023 Activities Director

17 Easy Arts and Craft Kits

This is such a great idea, especially for spring with Easter and Mother's Day approaching us.
Heidi 9th Mar 2023

Cup and Saucer Table Decorations

What kind of plaster did you use ? Love this idea for our mothers day tea in may
Lynn 9th Mar 2023 Activity Director

This Day in History for Seniors: March - 2nd Edition

we read them to the residents in the dining rooms around lunch time or at breakfast, Then we will play the song hits on you tube! They definitely look forward to it.
Lauren 9th Mar 2023 Life Enrichment Cordinator

Sci-Fi Movies Bingo

Kim 8th Mar 2023 Leisure & Health Coordinator

Easter Board Game

Love it! Thank You for sharing
Kim 8th Mar 2023 Leisure & Health Coordinator

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Last year we had an indoor (all weather option) Easter egg scavenger hunt that proved quiet popular & even the families joined in when visiting. We printed out x12 different A4 Easter eggs with coloured patterns on them and placed them around the home on the walls for residents to walk around & find. They were given a sheet with all the different eggs pictured on it & were asked to tick them off when they found one. Spare tick sheets & marker pens were left in the main entrance Cafe to help themselves. Some eggs were easier to find than others & the residents all enjoyed the game element to it. The residents could then return to the lifestyle office / activity room with a completed tick sheet & claim their Easter egg treat.
We would randomly ask where they found some of them to check they hadn't cheated but they all played fair anyway! A few fluffy toys were available as an alternative prize.
Vikki 6th Mar 2023 manager

AFL Tipping 2023

Thanks for doing this years Footy Tips our residents love doing this. I have read that there will be 24 rounds this year.
Sandy 5th Mar 2023 Support Worker

Animal Bingo

I did my first picture bingo with my residents yesterday and it was a total success

This Day in History for Seniors: March - 2nd Edition

This day in History is a great motivation for my residents every morning. My staff are distributing them daily in their rooms. I LOVE IT! I'M BACK to explore for more ideas.
Matthew Flinders Home 3rd Mar 2023 Diversional therapist

AFL Tipping 2023

Arent there supposed to be 23 rounds?
Gaylene 3rd Mar 2023 Recreation Officer

Welsh Bingo

Just love these bingo really well with all our residents. Thanks
Roxanne 3rd Mar 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Balloon Tennis

My residents love this game... we use pool noodles cut in half. they use the noodle to hit the "VOLLEYBALL" (balloon) So fun
Diane 3rd Mar 2023 Volunteer

Valentine Bingo

Hi - we run a social and luncheon club for aprox 25 members. We recently ran your valentine's bingo game which was great, the only issue was that ideally we needed more cards as when bingo was called, I only had 2 cards left and we had 8 winners calling bingo!!!
I regularly use Golden Carers for various activities and think your ideas are great.
We are holding an Easter day soon and will be making the cardboard easter baskets, adding small chocolate eggs, having a quiz, using wordsearch and crossword whilst displaying posters. Thanks for all your help and support - its invaluable.
Marcy 3rd Mar 2023 Recreation Director

Easter Bingo for Senior Care

I love this idea for Bingo. I only wish there were more playing cards. We can have up to 20 residents playing and I don't want to piece together additional playing cards.
Mercy Peter 1st Mar 2023

Client Assessment: Getting to know your Client

Identification of the Activity including consultation with the client.

Details of planning materials / resources needed.

Details of effective communication with other personnel, supervisor, and other team members

Give an account of how the activity was carried out.
• Discuss how you demonstrated best practice that enhanced the client's independence and dignity, empowered the clients. Included all clients in the activity.

An awareness of safety and best practice throughout the activity.
Brief discussion how you maintained a safe and hygienic environment for the clients from start to finishing the activity.

An evaluation of the impact that the activity had on the client.
◦ How do you feel it went?
◦ How did the client react to the activity?
if you were to do the activity again, what would you do differently. Help a sister please.
Judy 28th Feb 2023 Diversional Therapist

Memory Tray Game for Teams

Hi, I have done a memory tray activity with my residents in a Dementia unit. I usually have about 10 items maximum, (everyday items). let them look at it for a reasonable amount of time. Then take it away. I ask them what they can remember from it. The resident who can tell me the most items wins. A combined effort usually gets all of the items on the tray.
Angela 28th Feb 2023 Lifestyle Coordinator

Armchair Travel to Ireland

Hello, do you have a Hungarian arm chair travel? Thank you.
Fiona 28th Feb 2023 Director Of Nursing

Saint Patrick's Day Bingo

Fantastic-thank you
Rene 28th Feb 2023 Activity Director

Hot Seat Game

Junior 27th Feb 2023

NRL Tipping 2023

give me tips please
Carlene 26th Feb 2023 SW

Who Am I Game

Please show more information on interventions, documentation, goals and plan of care for patients with dementia and alzheimer's disease in a long-term care facility, aka Senior nursing facility (SNF).
Thank you.
Carlene 26th Feb 2023 SW

Create Your Own Image Quiz!

This idea is very popular. Thank you
arti 26th Feb 2023

How to Plan Age Appropriate Activities for Seniors

Same here .I am experiencing the same thing about the nursery rhymes. I have being told that its childish. My clients have fun when I do different nursery rhymes with them. They said that it reminds them of old times. For me bringing laughter n joy to a clients life is very important. I use this site when I take clients for outing. Please can I have some ideas on emotional and spiritual activities for seniors.
Lifestyle and Leisure 24th Feb 2023 L&L Coordinator

Presidents' Day Word Search

So good to have golden carers who take out the "Brain Strain" of trying to think of even the most relevant activities? Make life easier for all of us :)
Clare 24th Feb 2023 Retired

Musical Bingo

Thankyou so much for sharing this but I have a query! I hardly dare ask it because it is probably so obvious!
I've printed off 12 of version 1, for the calling cards do I print off 1 of version 1 again?
Also what is the difference between version 1 &2 ? Sorry to be so dumb!!!
Also what is the song list for? It's very useful but I don't see what part it plays in playing Bingo.

This Day in History for Seniors: February

Sarebbe bello avere anche del materiale per gli italiani: i miei ospiti apprezzerebbero! È possibile ?
Questo sito è stupendo, grazie per tutti i contenuti!
Karen 23rd Feb 2023

Monumental Trees of the World

This would be a great activity as a slide show. Is there a way I can create a slide show of this activity to share with my residents?
Jade 23rd Feb 2023 Activities Director

Hot Seat Game

Thank you so much! I am so glad your residents enjoyed the game!!!! Activity Directors stick together :)
Gaylene 22nd Feb 2023 Recreation Officer

Summer Poetry Roundup

Love these poems , great conversations to start and encourages a lot more poetry from my residents. Great source website. Thanks
Linda 22nd Feb 2023 Activities Coordinator

Art-Based Cognitive Therapy: Palm Sketch

Love this idea, thank you so much Georgia
Jenny 21st Feb 2023 Choir Leader

Things Your Mother Told You Reminiscing

Hello Louisa,
Most of these sayings were said by my mother to her 5 children growing up in the 50's, 60's and 70's.
A few others that still get quoted among my siblings today are:
* Elbows off the table!
* If you can't say anything good about a person don't say anything at all.
* Let the visitors eat first
* If that's lunch we've had it!
* Night night! God Bless.