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Elizabeth 13th Apr 2021 Librarian

Pipe Ball Game

What a great idea
Judy 13th Apr 2021 Diversional Therapist

ANZAC Day Word Search

I have been finding this site great for ideas. Really like the fabric and felt poppies craft. Am going to try with my residents. Thank you Golden carers. Judy Dwyer Diversional therapist New Zealand
Robin 13th Apr 2021 Activity Director

Theme Inspiration for National Nursing Home Week

what is the theme for National Nursing Home Week for May,2021.
Linda 13th Apr 2021 Life Enrichment

Cooking Magic Scones

This looks like an awesome recipe! Could you tell me if the lemonade to use in this recipe is to be carbonated?
Thank you :)
Robert 12th Apr 2021 Carer

Finish the Proverbs #6

Very good quiz. My mum was able to answer nearly all these questions.
Maria 12th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator

Human Body Trivia Quiz

Thank you for all the amazing activities and ideas. I have had some very interesting and fun days using your activities. The facility I work at is small and is quite challenging as not all residents participate. I therefore use your site to help me encourage them to join in the fun. Thank you
Janelle 12th Apr 2021 Nurse

AFL Tipping 2021

Please can you tell me when you will be updating the footy tipping sheets for the 2021 rounds after round 6. I would like to be able to print them off in the next week. Thanks.
Sir Winston Churchill Home 12th Apr 2021 Volunteers

Vocabulary Synonyms Quiz #5

Thank you for these entertaining synonym activities. I have taken the liberty of using number 4 to create another one and added in antonyms as well.
Kristen 12th Apr 2021 Life Enrichment Manager

Rhyming Riddles #13

Love these! Thanks!
Dorinda 12th Apr 2021 Memory Care Director, CDP

The Price is Right Visual Quiz - 60s & 70s

I'm currently working on other decades - how long on average are you spending per decade with the current number of slides? I'll take that into account for the next ones I make to potentially lengthen them.

When I play the current 60s slide with 6-8 residents for example, I usually spend about an hour, hour and a half since we end up reminiscing about some of the products in between.
Gail 11th Apr 2021 Carer/Activity coordinator

Music Bingo

Did anyone get the attachment for the original songs for this bingo please ?
Mary 10th Apr 2021 Generations Vibrant Life Coordinator

Sweetheart Tree

Great idea! We used some maple branches buried in a vase with some stones for various seasons. A “grateful tree” for Thanksgiving. Leaves were attached to the tree with things residents and families were grateful for. During Easter we had decorations painted by the residents on display. Trees aren’t just for Christmas anymore:)
Diane 9th Apr 2021 Recreation Team Leader

Red or Black Card Game

Look forward to trying this, Thankyou
Nicky 8th Apr 2021 Activity Coordinator

Armchair Travel to Australia

Thanks for the great resources.We traveled to Greece and our consumers enjoyed it very much.
I made cheese Pita and this opened up a great conversation
Regards Nicky
Activity Coordinator
Eva 7th Apr 2021 Activities Assistat

This Day in History - May - Spanish Version

Love that you guys have today in history in Spanish!!!
Steve 7th Apr 2021

6 Vaccination Celebration Ideas

Well that would be there choice not get the vaccine and my choice not to invite them to a party !
Linda 7th Apr 2021 Virtual Programer

30 Easter Celebration Ideas, Songs & Poems

Hi Pendar,
I was the director of a social day program for 8-1/2 years (although with the company for 11-1/2). When we closed last March due to the pandemic I couldn't stand watching my clients decline at such a quick pace. I went on Zoom and found out how to make get togethers work for my clients. I did this a few times and finally threw in a quiz one time...Magic...I have been running one hour classes ever since. I run six per week. 3 afternoon and 3 evenings. It is wonderful to see folks respond to what I offer. We do 15 minutes of varied exercise. quizzes, I then offer a Power Point Presentation with anywhere up to 75 slides and walk the thru with descriptions and background. We listen to music, have sing a longs, dress up for holidays and laugh a lot...We have gone skydiving, on a cruise, touring Victorian homes, visited zoos, studied animals, birds, galaxies and on and on. I so enjoy interacting with folks online....
Let me know what you have in mind....and we can see if we can make this work.
All the best,
Linda O'Donnell
Tina Knowles 7th Apr 2021

In-House Ice Cream Truck

This truck has been so fun. We have used it as a valentines truck we handed out kisses, hot dog truck, Christmas tree cakes.....
Shelley 7th Apr 2021 Recreation

30 Easter Celebration Ideas, Songs & Poems

Everyday is a new day with a new set of challenges. I look forward to the day when we can do more! Sometimes I feel so isolated and our folks feel the same way.
Shelley 7th Apr 2021 Recreation

30 Easter Celebration Ideas, Songs & Poems

Hi Pendar,

I am sorry I do not have any resources you are looking for. You may try and call your area health provider to see if they offer virtual resources (exercise, medication list help, how to keep tripping hazards out of the home, diabetic eating etc) I have used our local health unit for the above presentations in the past. I wish you luck! have a great day!
Rhonda 7th Apr 2021 Lifestyle

Chocolate Holder Chick

I made these for 76 residents they loved them and staff as well
Ayesha 7th Apr 2021 Director Of Activities

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

This really helped me today. Since we are reopening soon because we have all been vaccinated. I am getting a sense of my residents.
Nicole 7th Apr 2021 Activity Director

In-House Ice Cream Truck

Hi my name is Loretta. Nicole and I work together in activities. I truly love this Idea! So creative! We are ordering a ice cream truck today.
Candy 6th Apr 2021 Activity Aid

The Price is Right Visual Quiz - 60s & 70s

My residents on my memory care floor LOVE,the new price is right game,would love for you to add more content
Kerry 6th Apr 2021 Lifestyle Team Leader

Giant Word Search & Crossword Puzzles

Does anyone know where I can purchase large laminated cross word mat which can be used repeatedly and how much it costs.
Diversional 6th Apr 2021 Activities

Never Have I Ever Game for Seniors

Fabulous way to get to know each other better! Can't wait to try it out. Jill, Activities Coordinator, NZ
Nicole 6th Apr 2021 Activity Director

Armchair Travel to Vietnam

Absolutely love the new changes ! Great programming
Jennifer 6th Apr 2021

Guess the Flower Quiz

Beautiful flowers to celebrate spring, excellent power point, thank you for sharing!
Christine 6th Apr 2021 Carer/OTA Assit

Short Stories about Forgiveness

Hi, I hope all of you had a really great Easter.
I am offered a casual job as a therapy assistant and I assist with activities one of my activities is to read a story to the residents before they all go to bed. I choose short stories as I feel a longer one is a bit too much for the end of the day. As they have plenty of activities during the day.
What do you think is a good idea. Long or short
Beth 6th Apr 2021 Activities Co Ordinator

How to Celebrate St. George’s Day

Great ideas. I'm new to my role and very excited to do these with my residents. Thank you.
Monica 5th Apr 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Crochet and Knitting Club

We have elected to start and knitting club and as had been mentioned before people who can no longer knit or crochet can come be mentors for other people including staff.
We have named our group Get Knitted and hopefully will be kicking it off this week.
Dorinda 5th Apr 2021 Memory Care Director, CDP

The Price is Right Visual Quiz - 60s & 70s

Thank you! And I should have added that these are statistics from the USA and US dollars now that I see your profile flag. Still hope it is able to help!
Dixie 4th Apr 2021 CNA/Activities

Easter Bingo Prizes

Thank you, that sounds fun!
Robert 3rd Apr 2021 Carer

Cartoon Characters Matching Game

This was a nice activity, however Denis the Menace is not how we recognised him from the Beano comic here in the UK. Some other characters to include might be Marvel and DC superheroes, superheroines.
Maurice 3rd Apr 2021

Guess the Classic Car Quiz

Hi Linda!

We are working on an exciting new way to handle Image Quizzes.

However - in the meantime, I've converted this PDF into a Word Document and PowerPoint so you can use it :)
Maurice 2nd Apr 2021

Easter Sunday Posters

Hi Jennifer!

Please try again - all fixed now :)
Julie 2nd Apr 2021 Wellness & Activity Coordinator

6 Fun & Easy Dice Games for the Elderly

Hello! I just tried the 5000 game myself to see how long it would take me to get to 5000. With 6 dice it took 44 turns. With 10 dice it took 25. In either case the form isn't long enough. Did anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to get the excel document so I can add more rows? Thanks all!
Erica 2nd Apr 2021 Caregiver

April Fools Trivia

Memories+ 1st Apr 2021 Seniors Day Program

Brand Names and Slogans Quiz 2

Thank you for putting up a Canadian tribute.
Annemarie 1st Apr 2021 Lifestyle Consultant

Iced Tea and Cookie Pairing

Awww thank you Talita! I hope you enjoy it with your residents!!!
Appreciate your comment
Lisa 1st Apr 2021 Care Giver For Seniors

30 Easter Celebration Ideas, Songs & Poems

Happy Easter God bless you all
Using this websites seeing the joy and love in someone s else’s eyes making a difference in there life’s using ideas etc from this wonder site
Gwyneth 1st Apr 2021 Volunteer

Food Riddles Quiz

Thanks Christine, glad you enjoyed it. Happy Easter to you. Gwyneth
Pendar 1st Apr 2021 Recreation Specialist

30 Easter Celebration Ideas, Songs & Poems

Hi Shelley,

I am working in an Adult Day Program in Ontario and would like to get connected with several third parties that are capable to conduct one-hour virtual/in-person workshops for a group of independent seniors.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

Thank you
Pendar(Recreation Specialist)
Linda 1st Apr 2021 Virtual Programer

Guess the Classic Car Quiz

Guess I'm not able to make this quiz into a Power Point Presentation.....I came across
this problem before.....Just cannot copy and paste photo to use on Power Point.

Such a folks would have loved this quiz. I work with dementia/Alzheimer's folks printing out doesn't work for me.

You did a great job on this though!
Karen 1st Apr 2021 Activity Co-ordinator

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Amazing Easter ideas!!! Thank you! Happy Easter to everyone :-)
Vicky 31st Mar 2021 LEC

Easter Bingo Prizes

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Easter Bingo
Kerry 31st Mar 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

Mothers Day Bingo

We love the different bingos as well but agree the similar pictures are confusing
Rose 31st Mar 2021 Activity Assistant

Newsletter Template - April 2021

This is a wonderful sight. Always look forward to searching out new things. I especially have been using all the trivia.
Dawn 31st Mar 2021 Service Coordinator

Armchair Travel to India

My residents absolutely love the armchair travel series!
Christine 30th Mar 2021 Activity Director

Food Riddles Quiz

Thank you so much Gwyneth! This is great!