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Sherlene 11th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator

8 Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer in Nursing Homes

Thanks Golden Carers for all you do to make my job easier!!
Sherlene 11th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator

Holiday Movie Recommendations for the Elderly

Thank you for all the great activity ideas! I have a question "is showing movies not considered an activity? The reason I ask is that we have an interim administrator who has come in trying to change my Activity calendar. She said that showing a movie is not considered an activity by regulations in Va. Is this accurate information? Can someone please tell me if this is so?
Haley 11th Dec 2018 Recreation Therapist And Writer

How to Plan a Festival Of Lights Family Night

You too Dawn!
Luisa 10th Dec 2018 Home Coordinator

True or False Christmas Traditions

I have just become a member I'm hoping it going to take some of the stress away.
Susan 10th Dec 2018 Activity Director

Christmas decorations with Salt Dough

I agree this is a great idea especially for those with dementia
Susan 10th Dec 2018 Activity Director

Christmas decorations with Salt Dough

I agree this is a great idea especially for those with dementia
Dawn 9th Dec 2018 Diversional Therapist

How to Plan a Festival Of Lights Family Night

A fabulous idea Haley, thank you for sharing. May you have a very Merry Christmas
Catalina M 8th Dec 2018 Activity Director

Thank You Speech for Nurses & Staff

Haley 8th Dec 2018 Recreation Therapist And Writer

How to Plan a Festival Of Lights Family Night

Haley has submitted a new article: How to Plan a Festival of Lights Family Night
Molly 6th Dec 2018 Activity Professional & Writer

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing, Mandy. How exciting you made it on the front page!! Sounds like a ton of fun.
Melanie Felicity 6th Dec 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

True or False Christmas Traditions

I am so glad i became a member.The material on this website is inspirational .
Solange 6th Dec 2018 Diversional Therapist

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

Hi, Mandy, I am thrilled that 'Cinderella' worked for you! Some of my best memories are from the end of year pantomimes. Congratulations on pulling it together! I do hope it got you some brownie points with the Management. Thank you for sharing.
Mandy 6th Dec 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

Hello everyone, i would just like to thank Golden carers for this fabulous resource. We recently performed one of the pantomimes 'Cinderella' and it was a resounding success. We made the front page of our local newspaper and our residents had a wonderful time rehearsing and making sets ect. Lots of laughter :) :) :) There is talk now on what our next production will be.
Suzanne 5th Dec 2018 Recreational Director

15+ Ways to Find Intergenerational Partners

Thank you for all the wonderful programs. I truly enjoy them because you have a variety and I can incorporate them into my programs.
Elaura 3rd Dec 2018

15 uplifting activities for people with limited mobility

So glad I found this! It's getting rough. She's bored and agitated. She always wants something, but can't ever tell me what when I ask. 83, multiple strokes, but she can still manage to get herself out of her diaper and out of bed with the rails up. Then she hollers because she's cold and can't go anywhere.
Trying the music, coloring books, and stuffed animal today.
Kimberly 2nd Dec 2018 Memory Care Coordinator

Fill out the form please

I have a resident in my dementia unit that thinks she works there. She asks me, "Why haven't I gotten a paycheck? I've been working here for a couple of years." I usually tell that I will look into this matter with our business manager. Well now, I can have her fill out hiring forms. Thanks for the great idea!
Geraldine M 1st Dec 2018 Lifestyle therapist

How to Start an Advent Morning Tea Tradition

Loved the Advent wreath so pretty and inspiring. Like tha candels such a great start to Christmas
Prashanthi 29th Nov 2018 Recreational Activity Officer

One-on-One Visits

I am working as a RAO can anybody help me with how to write one on one evaluation form?
Thank you
Siouxsie 28th Nov 2018 Engagement Facilitator

Christmas Bingo

thank you so much for this it has saved the day as my student have not pr-paired a game for day
Jackie 28th Nov 2018 Director

Christmas Stick Frames

Thank you for all your great ideas, makes my job so much easier.
Pamela 27th Nov 2018 Activity Coordinator For Older People

Nicknames of Countries Around the World

Hi , just renewed my membership for next year . Couldn't be without the brilliant info and activities you supply to do my job with satisfaction . Keep up the good work all those who think up all the amazing info . Many thanks
Debra 27th Nov 2018 Activity Coordinator

Christmas Rephrase It

i know this will go down so well with my users. thank you xx
Darla 27th Nov 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Name the Aircraft Quiz

A small group of men work on independently and discuss together. This is a wonderful activity.
Susan 26th Nov 2018 Activity Director

Count Down to Noon!

I love the suggestions here go to the forum to see more of my ideas
Solange 25th Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Hi Kathleen, you are quite right, it is my experience too that only podiatrists were allowed to cut nails. We could file, exfoliate and moisturize but each resident had their own supplies in their rooms. It doesn't seem right to use the same instruments in a group of people without sterilization. Perhaps you should consider mentioning it in a meeting?
Kathleen 25th Nov 2018 Activity Assistant

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Activity professionals in Maryland are not allowed to trim a resident's nails. However, we can use a file on them. Also, when I took MEPAP I was taught to keep individual nail supplies for each resident. This is not practiced where I currently work. The nail instruments do not get cleaned. The same files and polish are used on the hands of many residents.
B. Saponaro 25th Nov 2018

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

My 92 yr old friend that I companion for 3 days a week enjoy making cookies for his family, talking about his life on the farm doing, some chair exercises using soup cans and just sometimes sitting on the porch listening to music. Listening to his stories ( maybe more then once) of growing up and how his mom loved to bake never gets old with me.
Catalina M 23rd Nov 2018 Activity Director

30 Indoor Activities Ideas for Winter

Emma 22nd Nov 2018 Engagement Leader

8 Creative Ways to Use an iPad in Nursing Home Settings

Absolutely fantastic ideas. We have a work ipad, never thought to use it this way. Thanks for the inspiration xxx
Marita 22nd Nov 2018 Recreation Therapist

Diners Club

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Diner's Club
rosalie 21st Nov 2018 leisure & health assistant

Secret Word Game - Bonfire Night

that is very clever carol...
Maurice 21st Nov 2018

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Yearly calendars have been added, you can now download entire years in one click! :)
Maurice 21st Nov 2018

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Marion, we've completely redone the Activity Calendar system, it's much more sophisticated now :) Please give it another go when you can.
Maurice 21st Nov 2018

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Kathie!

We've recently completely upgraded our Activity Calendar system. You can now do everything you asked for (and much more) with a few simple clicks :)
Maurice 21st Nov 2018

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hey Donna! Are you still having trouble? We've moved the full 12-month download to the top of the "Months" section, the option was a little hidden. You can download the full 2019 calendar anytime you like :)
Donna 21st Nov 2018 Recreation Activities Officer

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi . I am trying to down load the calendar for January 2019 to December 2019 so we can plan our year ahead and it will only down load December 2018. When will the 2019 full year calendar be available please?
Susan 21st Nov 2018 Activity Director

20 Fabulous Day Trip Destinations for Seniors

Thank you so much those are also good ideas
Karen 20th Nov 2018 Retired

20 Fabulous Day Trip Destinations for Seniors

I would suggest a trip to local animal shelter, casino, baseball game or other sport. High school sports are usually quite enjoyable.
Evelyn 20th Nov 2018

Free Music Playlists for the Elderly

This is really helpful. Not only will it help me connect with my grandmother, but my school requires community service, so I want to visit a nursing home. I'm really grateful for this.

Lori 19th Nov 2018 Activity

How to make Twiddlemuffs

I would love to get some
Lori 19th Nov 2018 Activity

How to make Twiddlemuffs

I am also wondering if anyone is willing to donate twiddle mitts I work at memory care would really appreciate any
Lucie 18th Nov 2018

10 Communication Strategies for Dementia Care

I find that I have to redirect his focus on me when speaking with him. Otherwise he continues the behavior, like kicking his legs in the air or pinching his clothes.
I spend a lot of my visiting time reassuring him that we love him, that we care for him.
Bev 18th Nov 2018 Activity Co-ordination

Unscramble Words - Holiday Theme

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: UNSCRAMBLE THE FOLLOWING WORDS (HOLIDAY THEME)
Dawn 18th Nov 2018 Activity Co Ordinator

Find the Hidden Objects - Circus

Great ideas geared towards those with dementia as well as other useful catergories
Regis Greenmount 17th Nov 2018

Men's Business

We have an excellent Men's Shed in our facility. Started about 8 years ago..
It has gradually built up over time.
We started with old furniture to sand and varnish.
Asking family and friends for any items they can donate.
Over time we have set up an area for the Men weekly.
We put an advert in our newsletters asking for donations of nuts n bolts etc, .
We contacted the Men's Shed in our area asking if they had any items they could donate.
promoted he Men's Shed on our open days to the community
Sourced an old shed and slabs for a carton of beer.
Could just be a beer and darts, Cards, table game.
Louise 17th Nov 2018 Carer

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Thanks for all your great Ideas.
I have been given a box of Lego and was wondering if you would recommend it or not?
Maybe for building and colour & shape sorting.

Cynthia Philipoom 16th Nov 2018

Games for People Living with Dementia

I use to play rummy with one of my clients. She was very good at and it helped her memory.
Nigel Coupar 15th Nov 2018

Songs for Seniors Quiz

My mum suffers from Dementia and I am looking forward to playing this with her on my next visit. Thank you
Kerry 15th Nov 2018 Lifestyle Assistant

Words starting with I Quiz

Thank you
Nicholas 14th Nov 2018 Health Care Assistant

What Am I Quiz #2

These are brilliant for first thing in the am, it get them imtrested in ways next.