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Robin 19th Apr 2019 Activity Director

Turtles Word Search

Why are their no solution pages to the word searches?
Solange 18th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist

How to make Twiddlemuffs

Hi Simonne, regarding making tweedle muffs for men. Make them in plain colours and skip the decorations and accessories.
Janet 18th Apr 2019 Home Manager

Colour by Dice Game

We are having a party on Friday for Easter.
We will try this as group game Easter egg for prizes.
Greg 17th Apr 2019 Engagement Director

5 Ways to Honor Residents by Validating Their Past

Here are some ways I honor my resident's life stories.

I do this by coordinating and doing reminiscing activities often - such as 'Memories & Mimosas', 'Housewives Tales or Truths', 'Let's Bake' (and baking recipes provided by the residents), reading and remembering original 'Mother Goose' stories, asking specific questions about their parents and siblings and growing up, and other fun childhood-specific games like 'School Days' discussion questions and other similarly styled games.

--Lauren Yntema
Engagement Coordinator
Atlanta, GA
Olwyn 17th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist

Market Day

A Market in our residential unit once every few months sells cards, scarves, brooches, necklaces, wallets, personalized teddy bears, notepads (covered in a material), small potted plants, coloring books, inserts for the walkers, and name tags. The residents really enjoy picking out what they want. Sometimes we then wrap them for family and friends as an extension to the activity. We have sandwhiches and cake, and a market day crossword as we sit around the table.
Carol 17th Apr 2019 Activities Co Ordinator

ANZAC Day Poster

Fantastic Poster, thank you.
Dixie 17th Apr 2019 Activity Director

How to make horses for the ‘Race Horse’ game:

this is just what I was looking for to plan a Derby Party!
Jenny 17th Apr 2019 Personal Carer

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Do you just put a little bit of gel in the sensory pooches ?

I do DT as well as a carer
Carolyn 16th Apr 2019 Social Support Leader

Anagram Quiz #3

These are great. thank you!!
Solange 16th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist

5 Ways to Honor Residents by Validating Their Past

Hi Owen, I hope you know you are an asset to your facility. You remind me of a quote: "There are two ways of spreading light - to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." Bless you!
Owen 16th Apr 2019 Retired

5 Ways to Honor Residents by Validating Their Past

I could not agree more with the comments and suggestions. I found this in my case and I am now involved in many of the ideas to make me feel part of the residential gathering like saying grace before the meal, leading discussions, helping with ideas for the programme from Golden Carers which has lots of ideas, some of which I have even contributed. And as a keen photographer and former press journalist I enjoy taking pictures of the group's activities for our end of year pictorial record.
All this for my integration into to fold and personal satisfaction as well as enjoyment.
Adriana Van Duyvendyk 16th Apr 2019

Easter Bunny Baskets

Today is April 15th I received all your wonderful ideas for Easter for my seniors but it came Too Late. Love to have more time to plan get my resources together. Otherwise you are the best. I get so many wonderful ideas for my seniors
Sharon 16th Apr 2019 Activity

5 Ways to Honor Residents by Validating Their Past

Hello, I use Validation Techniques for Dementia care. Author/Founder Naomi Feil. Sharon Stojak USA
Marie 15th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist

Silk-dyed Easter Eggs

Love looking and using all the ideas you have, and creating fun and stimulating activities for my clients thank you marie
simonne 15th Apr 2019 Support worker

ANZAC Day Picture Bingo

How fab! thank you so much.. these picture bingos are excellent!

Other ideas for picture bingo


Lisa 15th Apr 2019 Activities for Seniors

Words starting with R Quiz

Haley 15th Apr 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

5 Ways to Honor Residents by Validating Their Past

Haley has submitted a new article: 5 Ways To Honor Residents By Validating Their Past
Maria Boyer 15th Apr 2019

Songs for Seniors Quiz

This is truly FANTASTIC!! You certainly did a serious amount of work and I for one totally appreciate your efforts. I only work part time but I try to incorporate music as much as possible as we all do what comes best to us. This is a wonderful activity on all level and for all stages of dementia where I work. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!
simonne 14th Apr 2019 Support worker

How to make Twiddlemuffs

What boards are you making the men???
Sue 13th Apr 2019

Bucket of Bean Bags Game

Thank you so much for the ideas .I've also done 3 fishing rods made fish put nos on them plus some extra with questions to make it a bit more enjoyable x
Jenny 13th Apr 2019 Personal Carer

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Where do you buy the good quality pouches I made 3 with zip locks, wouldnt they be any good ? Don't know how I did. I want to make a sensory bottle as well
Donnette 13th Apr 2019 Activities

How to Decrease Problem Behaviors

Thank you for this article. Our staff is having a hard time coping with some negative behaviors. This can help us.
Solange 13th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Hi Jenny, the tighter you make it the longer it lasts. Also, buy good quality plastic pouches. Ours lasted for about 7 months. Eventually, they leek through accidents.
karen 13th Apr 2019 Activities Officer

Festive Wall Art Craft

Hi, I recently made the Easter bunnies with this activity, To see the shape more clearly I trimmed the curled paper down. The heart shape would be fine with the original instructions. The bunnies are on display and look really terrific.
Karen ( AO)
Amaroo Aged Care
Claudia 13th Apr 2019 Therapeutic Recreation

How to Start a New Resident Welcome Program

I love this idea seems so welcoming.
Jenny 12th Apr 2019 Personal Carer

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

I am looking for more ideas for a client that is bed ridden, dementia doesn't speak, I'm going to try the sensory pouches, memory box, he is 24/7 care, ideas would grately apprciaged

Many thanks Jenny
Jenny 12th Apr 2019 Personal Carer

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

I would like to try these as well, I have a man with progressive brain disease and has caused dementia, he is bed ridden and we have so much time with him I would like to find things to stimulate him when he is awake. He doesnt speak. Does the hair gel leak out ?

Debbylynn 12th Apr 2019 Activity Assistant

Solve the Riddles #2

thank you for the Find The Middle Word that Links the other two. the Anagrams. the Words that Begin With.....puzzles They are All Hits with my Residents!!! you Help me sooo much Every Day!!!
Solange 11th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist

Family Matters Crossword

Hi Mary, so glad the activity worked for you. Thank you very much for your kind words. All the best.
Solange 11th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist

Sing-Along with Picture Cards

Well done girls! Lots of ideas!
Mary 11th Apr 2019 Activity Coordinator

Family Matters Crossword

Very much enjoying being a member of Golden Carers
Played Easter bingo today which was a great success, a resident living with dementia got very emotional because they had such a lovely time .
You are a gods send , thank you so much!!!
Kindest regards

Barbara 11th Apr 2019 Recreation Coordinator

Italian Themed Party Ideas

Well how silly was I? A recipe with no ingredients!
Canoli Dip
2 cups ricotta cheese
1 8 oz package cream cheese
1-1/2 cups confectioners sugar
1 teasp vanilla extract
1 cup miniature chocolate chips (semi-sweet)

Beat ricotta cheese and cream cheese together in a bowl until smooth; add sugar and vanilla. Continue to stir mixture until sugar is completely incorporated. Fold chocolate chips through the cheese mixture.
Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled, at least 10 minutes.

I buy sugar cones and fill them .

AFL Footy Tripping 2019


Old Wives Tales - True or False?

Joanne 10th Apr 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator

Songs for Seniors Quiz

I have just copied and pasted the songs from google so have no idea if they are copyright issues, I have only printed them for my facility, my apologies if any issues occur.
Cheryl-Lee 10th Apr 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

How to Start a New Resident Welcome Program

Wow all fantastic ideas, I will be printing off and take to our next meeting to share with the team. It can be so hard doing the required admission asking so many questions these are great ideas to implement and help our resident adjust to their new home.
We are all welcoming and inviting upon arrival but love the ideas that we can add.
Thankyou heaps
Shelley 10th Apr 2019 Music therapist

Gelli Plate Prints

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Print making
Shelley 10th Apr 2019 Music therapist

Soap Making Recipe

The quality of ingredients is important. Loafs of goat milk soap is available online and can be melted in a glass meaduring cup. Be aware of essential oils, using the purest forms. Different oils have different dilution properties. Soap dye is better than food coloring. Have minimum safety daya sheets on hand. Dry garden flowers to add to the soap base. Be aware of allergies
Debbie 10th Apr 2019 Activity Director

How to Start a New Resident Welcome Program

I am an activity director at an adult day center, we have people for 4 to 8 hours with different stages of dementia, we play many activities we stay busy all day really no down time , I go through alot of different games. Also would like some arts and craft ideas some need to be simple yet not to simple for higher functioning clients. Thanks
Shelley 10th Apr 2019 Music therapist

Turntable Record Playing

We have played records, and while listening, on a 12 x 12 piece of paper we have designed our own interpretation of the record cover. These can then be framed in 12 x 12 scrapbook frames.
Debbie 10th Apr 2019 Activity Director

Book Fruit Salad

I need a bit more info on how this is played pkease!
Jennifer 10th Apr 2019 Chief Of Services

Sing-Along with Picture Cards

Hi Solange, Thanks for your comments on Sing-Along With Picture Cards! This is sprouting
more ways to use Picture Cards as conversation starters.
Mary 10th Apr 2019 Activities Coordinator

Egg Bingo

I would like a photo of Egg Bingo.
Thank you
Liz 10th Apr 2019 Activities Cordinator

Words starting with O Quiz

Love this and can't wait to use it..
Nathan 10th Apr 2019 Life Enrichment Director

Colour by Dice Game

I would love to get the rabbit picture as well!
Carole 10th Apr 2019 Chairperson

National Tea Day

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: National Tea Day - 21 April 2019
Elisa Bosley 10th Apr 2019

10 Spiritual Activities for people with Alzheimer's Disease

Great site! FYI, I'm a nondenominational chaplain with a ministry to elders with Alzheimer's and dementia. I've been working on creating free resources for caregivers and family members to meet elders' spiritual needs. I've recently posted dozens of professionally recorded, free sing-along classic hymns and spiritual songs on my website, Anyone can download these and use them to conduct a sing-along in a residence, create a personalized playlist, or host a nondenominational worship service (agendas are also on my website). Blessings!
Haley 9th Apr 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer

How to Start a New Resident Welcome Program

Haley has submitted a new article: How To Start A New Resident Welcome Program
Isabel Lagas 9th Apr 2019

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you for all your hard work. This is an excellent resource. I trust there will be no copyright issues with reprinting.
karen 9th Apr 2019 Activities Officer

Italian Themed Party Ideas

Barbara, could you give the list of ingredients and quantities for your Italian dip? Cheers